Photography. Just a hobby?

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  • The Passion of Photography

    It's not just a hobby. It's an appel. It's not just releasing the shutter. It's a love that you share with your camera. It's not just looking at the photos you've taken. It's the satisfaction you feel, doing it.

  • Who am I?

    My name is Jan Schneider and I am a photographer with all my heart and soul. I love going out, looking at the world around me and banning everything I see on the chip of my camera.


Here I will upload photos more frequently than updating the ones on this website.



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Production Company

Since this is my personal photography site and my friend and I founded a production Company, you can go ahead and visit it's site too, if you're interested in cinematography. (in german thou)


I want photos of me, but how?

Well, just simply write me a mail to: or click on the button below.

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My work

Down below you're going to find a few photos I've taken so far. If you want to see more, just scroll up to the social media buttons.

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